1st workshop

JST Japan-Thailand 1st Workshop

Date: 27th November 2009, Time: 13:00-18:00

Location : Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Solar Energy Group

Introduction of the group member by Prof. Sagawa

Japan: Assoc.Prof. Takashi Sagawa(KU), Dr. Surawut Chuangchote (KU), Dr. Shigeru Niki (AIST)

Thailand: Dr. Sorapong Pavasupree (RMUTT), Assoc. Prof. Sommai Pivsa-Art(RMUTT),Asst. Prof. Thammanoon Sreethawong (CU), Prof. Kajornyod Yoodee(CU)

Presentation:  delivered by Prof. Sagawa, followed by Dr. Sorapong, Asst.Prof. Thammanoon, and Prof. Ohgaki (on behalf of Dr. Shigeru Niki)

Discussion: The group is proposing the next generation of solar cell by introducing organic solar cell which is lighter, flexible, color-tunable, simpler fabrication process than Si and abundant resources. The design development, assemble, evaluation and optimization will be done between both countries.  Also, the cooperation for development of CIGS solar-cell was introduced.

The scope of the research group comprised of highly efficient utilization of solar energy and raw materials and cooperative development of novel photovoltaic systems both in Japan and Thailand. Improvement of CIGS solar cell processes and optimization of device structures for extending the performance of CIGS solar cells are also proposed.


Clean Coal Technology Group

Introduction of the group member by Prof. Bundit

Japan: Asst. Prof. Ryuichi Ashida (KU),

Thailand: Assoc. Prof. Bundit Fungtammasan(JGSEE), Asst. Prof. Nakorn Worasuwannarak (JGSEE)

Presentation:  delivered by Prof. Bundit Fungtamassan and Asst. Prof. Ryuichi Ashida

Discussion: High dependency of energy imports (52%) and coal is the major energy consumption by industrial sector and most of Thail coal preserve is lignite which has high moisture and ash content (>64%)

Therefore the development of clean coal technologies for effective use of Thai lignite while paying an attention to environmental impact, by exchanging the researcher and students in both countries is needed. These environmental evaluations need the solid cooperation with other environmental evaluation groups.


Strategic Rainfed Rice Cultivation for Mitigation GHG Emission Group

Introduction of the group member by Dr. Kazuyuki Yagi

Japan: Dr. Kazuyuki Yagi(NIAES),

Thailand: Assoc. Prof. Sirintornthep Towprayoon (JGSEE)

Presentation:  delivered by Dr. Kazuyuki Yagi and followed by Assoc. Prof. Sirintornthep Towprayoon

Discussion: The research group will contributes the development of the alternative systems for sustainable agriculture, promote the international agreements on reasonable land use and develop the low-carbon societies in the rural areas. Examples of activities such as through C sequestration in agricultural soils, improved water management for CH4 mitigation and various N2O mitigation options.. The technical cooperation for utilizing the agricultural residues for energy resources was also addressed.


Bio-fuel Group

Introduction of the group member by Asst. Prof. Hisashi Miyafuji

Japan: Asst. Prof. Hisashi Miyafuji (KU)

Thailand: Assoc. Prof. Somkiat Ngamprasertsith (CU)

Presentation:  done by

Discussion: The research group will contribute to collecting and characterizing various lignocellulosic plant materials, their plant oils, unused and wasted residues such as sugarcane, oil palm, nipa, high yield plants of Erianthus spp, Miscanthus sinensis, wood, rice, corn, soybeans, wheat in Thailand for effective fuel conversion.   The cooperation with Strategic Rainfed Rice Cultivation for Mitigation GHG Emission Group was discussed, and also the cooperation for evaluation of biomass resources availability in Thailand was also required.


Life Cycle Assessment, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Scenario Groups

Introduction of the group member by Dr. Masayuki Sagisaka

Japan: Dr. Masayuki Sagisaka (AIST), Dr. Motoko Yamanari (AIST), Dr. Nuki Agya Utama (KU)Prof. Tetsuo Tezuka (KU),

Thailand: Asst. Prof. Chumnong Sorapipatana (JGSEE), Dr. Athikom Bangviwat (JGSEE),

Prof. Surapong, Dr. Pipat, Dr.Poppong (JGSEE)

Presentation and discussion:  delivered by Dr. Masayuki Sagisaka explaining the proposal on LCA, followed by Dr. Nuki Agya Utama explaining the proposal for energy efficiency and its relation with other group  member, last presentation done by Prof. Tetsuo Tezuka explaining the energy scenario which involving group participation


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