Solar cell

Development of the Next Generation of Solar Cell

Development of novel photovoltaic devices and construction of efficient photoelectric conversion systems are promising strategies for utilization of solar energy as sustainable and environmentally benign energy source both in Japan and Thailand.  For the sake of assembly and evaluation of the photovoltaic devices, fabrication of novel one- or two-dimensional nanomaterials of metal oxides or conductive polymers, such as nanotubes, nanowires, and/or nanosheets have been firstly studied in this research group.  Particularly, we are developing highly efficient organic solar cells, such as organic thin-film solar cell and dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC), as well as highly active photocatalysts to realize sustainable energy systems based on next-generation solar technologies

High-performance photocatalysts of TiO2-based oxide or SrTiO3-based oxide for photocatalytic applications were developed.  Particularly, (a) sol-gel process with the aid of a structure-directing surfactant, (b) preparation of various kinds of Ti-based photocatalysts, such as TiO2-based oxide (e.g. TiO2-ZrO2), SrTiO3-based oxide (e.g. Zr-doped SrTiO3), (c) metal loading on as-prepared Ti-based photocatalysts, (d) enhancement of photocatalytic activity by metal loading (e.g. Pt, Au, Ni, and Ag) via different preparation techniques, such as (i) single-step sol-gel, (ii) incipient wetness impregnation, (iii) photochemical deposition, and  (iv) precipitation-deposition.

Building a more fundamental understanding of the structural variables (e.g., electronics, morphology, interfaces) governing device performance parameters should provide further guidance for new material design, and help achieve optimized efficiencies with the promising systems currently being explored.

OPV system is still promising as future key technology for producing sustainable solar energy.



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