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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in Thailand still has huge room for improvement, the energy intensity in the country increasing since the past 10 years accounted from 15,000 Btu per US$ in 1995 up to almost 20,000 Btu per US$ in 2001. Moreover, in year 2007 the country energy elasticity (ration between energy consumption growths with the GDP growth) resulting 0.5. If the government can effectively implement energy conservation measures and promote efficient use of energy as targeted, the energy elasticity can be reduced below 0.5 in the next decades.

  • Based on the Nobel Prize winner report, the Forth Assessment Report (AR4), IPCC
  • Energy efficiency has the biggest room potential to reduce CO2 with the lowest cost
  • How to reduce energy, through efficiency, while the climate is changing and economic is growing.

Objectives of this research cluster are first is to assess the potential of energy efficiency improvement in industrial and building (residential and commercial) sectors. Second is to propose pilot project on improving the energy efficiency in the industry (ex cement industry) and building sectors (ex. Universities building or high rise residential).

Some of the findings:


  • The increases of electricity demand in buildings are strongly related with the changes of GDP, temperature and humidity.
  1. Increase of 0.1 % of GDP leads to increase of  69.9 ktoe
  2. Increases of 0.1 °C leads to increase of 63.8 ktoe
  • Since the country’s economic is fast growing, the use of energy efficient appliances as well as building design improvement is necessary.
  • calculating the influence of low energy design buildings (avoiding the use of mechanical/electrical devices)
  • optimizing the low energy appliances

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